Autumn Skin = ‘Taughtend’ Skin

Are you finding now it’s autumn, that your skin is feeling taught and
all your summer tan has gone and peeled away?
There’s a cream that you did buy, which you thought you’d give a try.
But you can’t find it, cause it’s lost and gone astray.

You stare at your reflection, not impressed with your complexion.
Wondering what to do to bring it back to life.
You pinch and slap and squeeze it, just to see if you can tease it;
The sallowness in your cheeks is running rife.

I’ll tell you in this minute, the best way that you can win it;
to bring the glow right back into your face.
Cause now that it’s gone September, it’s important to remember,
I’m a Beauty Therapist who will come right to YOUR place.

It starts with a deep cleanse, then don’t worry my dear friends.
I will tone, exfoliate; the dead skin will all be gone.
A serum, a facial massage, then a mask so as to sabotage,
the lack in collagen and yet still I won’t be done.

Whilst the mask is fighting ageing, I’ll knead your shoulders, neck and wagering,
a lovely scalp rub will be to your delight.
Finally, a cream to moisturise and one specifically for your eyes.
Then it’s done and your skin will feel just right.

So pick up the phone and call, tell your friends about it all.
It’s just an hour to relax inside their day.
It’s called ‘me time’ there’s no guilt and your face will feel rebuilt.
I’m your Mobile Beauty Therapist and all will be OK!

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