Pre-Summer Sugaring!

The sun has got his hat on,
Hip hip hip hooray.
My telephone has started ringing,
With my clients, who all say:
“My legs are pretty hairy,
My underarms are bad,
My bikini line is unmentionable,
And my ‘Hobbit Feet’ make me sad!”

And the reason is …

They want to have some sugaring.
Cause they know it’s less painful than wax.
Their skin will be less red,
And here are some more facts:
The re-growth will be smoother,
With much less in-grown hair.
They’ll be able to wear their summer shorts,
Cause they’ll no longer care.
So, if you could pass on my details.
To those ladies you know in need.
I’m their friendly mobile beauty therapist.
Who’d be very grateful indeed.

Please give them my telephone number,
They can call me any day.
Or tell them to drop me a line at:

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