We made it through … the summer!

Dear clients. I hope that you have all had a good summer despite the Covid ‘distractions’. We have had Tony’s 15-year-old son staying with us for a few weeks, which despite the copious amounts of washing and the ever empty fridge, it has in fact been lovely having him here. Moving on from summer, I just wanted to let you know how great it has been being able to catch up with most of you again, (in the flesh as it were), as well as meeting new clients. My Indian head massage has proved so popular for de-stressing that I now feel my fingers are strong enough to enter a ‘Miss Universe’ Competition on their own! And although I hope this will be my last mass ‘Covid text’ I will be keeping my contact lists for any future ‘Test and Trace‘, or ‘Localised Lockdown‘ updates. If, for any reason, you no longer wish to receive updates from me, please just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to remove your name from my mailing list. Meantime, I am looking into changing my facials/products in the near future so “Watch this Space”. Plus, my new ‘Deluxe’ pedi has been such a hit that I am considering adding a ‘Deluxe Mani’ for the winter. And to finish: I would like to thank those of you that I’ve seen for being so patient and understanding with all my ‘PPE prep -work’ and I look forward to seeing you again, (through a plastic visor). Keep safe and well. Ros x

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