Post snow mobile beauty treats.

Were you trapped in your home, every day of last week, cause the snow was pretty but scary?
And you’re finding out now, that you can’t go outside, cause your ‘cleared bits’ are now way too hairy?
To drive to a salon then parking your car, can prove to be ‘Uber’ taxing.
I’ll come to your home and SUGAR your ‘bits’, which is far better and less painful than waxing.
Now your skins feeling dry, from the heating indoors, when outside the temperature’s glacial.
But no amount of the make-up you try, with such effort to apply, hides the fact, that you’re so in need of a facial.
It’s my Katherine Daniels facial that will win, to firm and nourish your skin, and make it feel like it fits your face right.
Aren’t you fed up with crinkles and wrinkles and pimples and a face that always feels tight?
Just relax in your home, cause there’s no need to roam, when you want to pamper your body and face.
I’m here for you girls, with my tight ginger curls, cause I’ll come treat you at your own place!
Check out my website on line, for all treatments I offer, you’ll see that my rates are ok.
Then give me a call or drop a quick line to:

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